From Yelp:

Brian was awesome.  Very polite and accommodating for the 4 full days we had him in our downtown loft, changing the interior look.  We had him paint two interior doors, two full closets form Ikea, all of our window sills and french doors, and our entire kitchen cabinetry.  He did them all by hand, creating a faux finish that matched the reclaimed wood look we have in our furniture pieces.  It went from a look from the early 2000s to an updated 2015!!  Very pleased with the outcome and the process of dealing with Brian and his wife Kierstin.  We love to support local mom and pops, especially ones that have their act together.  Brian was prompt and on time for quoting the work and throughout the job.  His wife was on top of the billing and admin details.  I even accidentally overpaid my balance and she caught it before me, offering to send my refund immediately.  Since we are remodeling our entire interior, we have encountered many vendors that are unresponsive or unreliable.  This was not the case with Showcase Doors.  Although they do not take credit cards, they will allow you to pay through Paypal or Google Pay with your credit card, as long as you pay the transaction fee - we were more than willing to!  I would recommend this business for sure and use them again!